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Running An EBay Store

I got 300 items up for auctions

Sadly I’m living and learning hear. My selling skills aren’t at the highest they should be. Advice is greatly appreciated. Here is some for you if interested

My first advice is be honest about the item. If it’s not new say so. List winter and Christmas item durning the Holiday season, be seasonal. Also have fair pricing. Remember eBay is like a online yard sale people are looking for a good deal.or a rare item.

It takes time to get the first sale, to get notice, don’t be disappointed if it takes time to get that first sale. Have fun selling.


Belly Button Piercings – Danger

12227687_1719792794920596_4640691198425956133_nBelly button piercings can be downright sexy, but can also be problematic my surgery in 2003 is proof to that. If you’re thinking about getting your belly button pierced, there are several things you need to consider first:

Getting anything pierced should be well thought off, you should know the risk. Many piercings can lead to surgery. In 2003, I was fourteen I had my belly button pierced within in month I devolved a hernia in that area. Sadly I needed my first surgery to remove the hernia.

Why did this happened, well for most girls it happens cause there bodies can reject the steel, or the person who doing the procedure hit a nerve or even a infection. For me it happened cause I was underweight my body couldn’t handle the piercing…. But when this happened to me I did tons of research on surgeries from piercings it’s happens

$140 dollars down the drain and one surgery later. I realize getting things pierced is a big deal. Now that I’m a adult looking back I think what a waste of money

First things first getting you’re navel done it takes a year too heal, if you are underweight don’t get it done for real some states has laws against it. Plus do all research before it. Ask questions. Warning, the hole never closes.  Plus it’s tons of rules you must follow after. No hot tub for six months. Sadly, plus keeping it clean etc.

I got one picture from this experience of 2003



Sadly my parents got my surgery bill.

Good thing this didn’t happen in 2016










Emotional Abuse For Years

It’s been one year since I’ve been with him…

We broke up after three years. Too this day, I get a woman asking me why you dumb him or I bet you miss him. He was James Dean handsome, With a guitar. The talent too play the guitar and a charmer to all woman. I remember when dating him people stop him asking if he was famous. Even once in a restaurant a lady ask too take his picture.I wanted to kick her butt at the time. LOL.

But to my point he was horrible to me. I heard every lie, and was emotional abused for years, I still feel like I can’t wear a skirt in public. I remember sitting waiting till 1am for him too come home, you see he said I couldn’t roll with his friends cause I’m too good for them. He was cheating I realise this now.

My point is don’t judge a woman for dumping a guy you think is good looking and talented also ladies if you are with a guy like him please dump him. If he truly loved you he would be showing you off every night not hiding you.

I’ve was called every name in the book by him, been emotional abused, lost my family faith in me, made my family help him only so that he could hurt us all.

Ladies and Men too if you have a friend or are in a relationship like this get out. Emotional and verbal abuse is abuse. It last and stays with you. I still feel I need plastic surgery, not good enough, can’t wear that dress, too pale, too thin, too everything. But it gets better day by day when you say its over

I don’t wake up at night, at midnight wondering where he is. Texting him. Only never too get a call. Having him only to come hours later saying a lame ass excuse, threatened to leave again, then calling me the B word when he got mad. I wear my hair down now, even a skirt  yesterday. I don’t  cry nightly anymore or live in fear that it may get worse to the point he may hit me.

Cause honestly I believe once they where you down it gets to that point.

He was perfect in the beginning, won my family over. Ask permission to date Mr. Waiting months for the first kiss. A gentleman. Then after awhile little abuse came in, I moved in with him and then little Abuse hear and there came through him. Needing my money but never sharing his. Leave on the little things or make them stop. Don’t take abuse, don’t settle for his lies and I love yous when he treats you badly. It’s not worth it.

God Bless Everyone