Émilie & Théo Bear $30


Boys and girls alike can’t resist Corey the Bear with her precious sweater and her lovable, huggable, plush softness. Teddy bears are a childhood staple, and your child will love Corey the Bear as only the best of friends can. Because Corey the Bear is, without a doubt, the best playmate any child could have—the only stuffed animal that brings so much joy and love into a child’s life forever.


Corey’s story is:


Honey is my favorite treat. I like to play dress up and have a tea party. But what I really want to do is be your friend and play with you!


Corey the Bear


Baby soft plush bear designed by Émilie & Théo

Corey comes in a taffeta bag as shown

Measures about 8-1/2″ in seated position as shown


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Toy: 100% polyester

Corey the bear

Brown bear designed by Émilie & Théo

Corey comes with a sweet poem to read to little ones

8-in tall x 6.5-in long x 4-in wide approximately

MSRP $85

@ loucatdolly ebays-l400



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